With Lives, With Threads.

Through this brand message, we promise that &T will continue to "enrich and color people's lives. We express the sensibility of artists through embroidery. We will carefully create art that will light up your daily life one by one. We invite you to experience the warmth of embroidery thread.

Beyond the challenges and shape the future of embroidery.

Since its establishment in 1944, TAJIMA has developed and sold many cutting-edge embroidery machines to our customers, including multi-head embroidery machines, multi-color embroidery machines, and sequin embroidery machines. &T is a new challenge for us at TAJIMA. Embroidery has a continuous history and culture, and technology accumulated through industrialization. It also has a warm and familiar presence. We deeply understand, transcend the challenges, and shape the future of embroidery.

Hidetoshi Kojima
Chief Executive Officer